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“Set in the bucolic Mendip Hills behind the redbrick walls of an exquisite Victorian garden, The Ethicurean is a hidden treasure of the Somerset countryside. Focussed on ethical sourcing of ingredients from the local environment, this seasonal restaurant serves up a plethora of dishes and cocktails, from beetroot carpaccio with honeyed walnuts to a Bristolian take on an Old Fashioned. Started by friends Jack Adair Bevan, Paula Zarate and brothers Ian and Matthew Pennington, The Ethicurean seeks to embrace the French concept of Terrior, loosely translating to mean ‘a sense of place’. Everything, from the vegetable patches, bursting with marrows and fragrant herbs to the 19th century apothecary décor combine to create what Jack describes as a quirky, fairytale like environment.” Words and photograph from

The Ethicurean is founded on a sense of place.

This is the idea of having a connection with the native land, its history and the community who grow food locally upon it. Our family team seek to discover harmonious pairings between the ingredients that surround the walled garden

In our kitchen garden restaurant, we respect the local produce grown and sourced locally by using flavour combinations that have been partners for centuries.

We look for ways to update and innovate historical recipes that highlight the bounteous nature of our land. Embracing the limitations of nature has, for us, spurred unbounding creativity.

About us

Since The Ethicurean’s creation, the team has been responsible for a series of eccentric events and pop-ups, from a Mexican yurt on the Brecon hillside to a BBQ from the back of an old ambulance on the Mongol Rally launch.

Jack Adair-Bevan is a writer, hunter and mixologist fascinated by the curiosities of food history and community ritual.

Paûla Zarate, born in Mexico, is the backbone of The Ethicurean. Her previous career as senior legal counsel provides countless skills to the business and the tenacity needed to support this sustainable venture.

Matthew & Iain Pennington are self-taught chefs with well-trained palates. They focus on balancing bold flavours & culinary technique fortified with foraged wild produce.

They all work alongside Mark & Linda Cox from Barley Wood Kitchen Garden & The Community Farm near Chew Valley. They actively support the Bristol art scene and resident artists at Barley Wood Walled Garden.



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