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One of the most inovative Growers on this website.

This webpage does not do justice to their products.





Emerging from traditional salad and leaf growing during the 60′s and 70′s Westlands have developed into one of the largest commercial growers of cut micro-leaf and speciality products.

Westlands started the journey into growing baby leaf salad products during 2000, moving very quickly into Micro Leaf Salads and herbs.

All of the products in our collections are grown and produced with innovation, inspiration and amazing tastes and aromas in mind for the consumer.

Working with quality focused chefs, food service, catering and retail customers – who demand novel, original and modern fresh produce products, our sole aim is to provide great tasting innovation. The team at Westlands just love a challenge and you will be amazed at the wonderful sights and smells of the different array of crops that are grown.



About Us

Being able to produce unique and innovative herbs, leaves and speciality products takes time, care and attention to quality that Westlands are renowned for. It does also mean that we can introduce novelty to the repertoire of fresh produce and to the finished dishes of a great many chefs (including Michelin Starred) and food enthusiasts.
Fusing originality with modern and adding a dash of pioneering spirit has enabled Westlands to introduce a range and depth of products that any inspiring chef or food enthusiast would be proud to create signature menus and meals with.

Based in Worcestershire UK, for over 60 years the business has developed through three key stages, traditional, plant propagation and now speciality mixed with heritage.Westlands are driven to deliver their own, unique dynamic to everything that is grown and to our finished products.

Taste of the Sea
Our Taste of the Sea collection are products specially selected and grown for their unique flavour and saline qualities.
Sea vegetables are a rich source of both nutrients and vitamins and they are typically high in calcium, magnesium and iodine. There are many varieties of sea vegetables (and seaweeds) with each one having their own benefits and flavours.
Delightful to eat with a light, delicate flavour that enhances the foods they are added to, and only take a few minutes to steam cook or sauté. Most usually they are served with fish, seafood or salt-marsh lamb. 

Micro Leaf
Micro leaves are the young versions of herbs or salad leaves harvested at seed leaf or first true leaf stage.

The Micro Leaf range is specially selected for their intense flavours, eye catching colours, visual structural impact and tenderness. Used and eaten whole, and cut for you there’s almost no preparation and very little waste.
Used by some of the top Michelin starred chefs in the UK, Micro Leaf is an innovative ingredient for premium sandwich manufacturers, prepared salads and food service sectors

Inspired is our more unusual collection of distinctive leaves and flowers, selected and grown for their uniqueness and visual or flavour impact.  Some of the products in this collection have their origins as foraged plants.

The Inspired range really does take everyone out of their comfort zone and introduces taste sensations such as Edible flowers, or Specials such as Micro Melons and Buzz Buttons. These products can add a zesty flavour or an impressive dash of colour to any menu. Whilst their origins may be from traditional foraged products or from pure innovation we now grow them as commercial speciality growers.

Westlands Growing – the exciting new addition to the Collections

Westlands Growing collection is a wonderful addition to our exciting range of innovative fresh produce.  This collection is Micro Leaf and Cress products grown soil free, conveniently supplied still growing and presented in a punnet.
Westlands Growing collection can be cut and prepared fresh in the kitchen to chefs exacting requirements.
Grown in the UK, Westlands Growing collection has been designed for use by Chefs in demanding kitchens.  The freshness and flexibility of this collection make an ideal ingredient or garnish to compliment any dish.

Heritage is our range of heirloom varieties or vegetables that were commonly grown during earlier agricultural times but are not used in modern large-scale agriculture.

This range allows us to revisit some great tasting varieties with a view to bringing something unique to the market place, particularly with the eye catching colours, visual appeal and most importantly flavour.
The Heritage range is typified by the array of variety of types, shapes, colours, sizes and flavours. The range includes Tomatoes whilst not as attractive as commercial grown varieties what they may lack in their unusual appearance the range more than makes up for in flavour, taste and aroma.
This is very much a trial crop therefore not all products may be available. Please call to check availability.




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