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At St Aldams Farm we are proud to sell our own fresh vegetables, most of the produce that we sell is grown by ourselves on the farm. The crops are seasonal, so availability is restricted to the autumn and winter months, but our season normally starts in mid – August.

 We have now sold out of our seasonal vegetables, and season will start again with our own field grown carrots and beetroot in August. This will be followed up with a wide range of veg available in the shop from mid- September.




We are expecting to start fruit picking in early June of this year, as hopefully restrictions will have relaxed enough to allow outdoor activities.


Picking season;

Strawberries – Early June onwards

Gooseberries – Late June

Blackcurrants – July

Redcurrants – July

Raspberries July

 Blackberries – August onwards

 Pumpkins – October



At St Aldams Nursery, we grow all of our plants from seedlings in our very own fields and greenhouses in Bristol. This means we can be sure the plants will thrive amid the British soil and climate and grow healthily in a similar environment. For us, it is all about the small details; growing the plants in our nursery makes it easier to ensure the plants get the best start, as they grown properly, in quality soil, with good root growth. This, in turn, means that they will be more resilient by the time they are ready to be purchased – and our customers can enjoy a happy, healthy garden plant for many seasons to come.


Questions about any of our plants? Our experienced team are always happy to help. Contact us today.



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