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We have been growing our own produce for over 25 years and currently maintain our own cottage style gardens and small holdings where we grow a large proportion of our vegetables for the table. This now doubles as a test ground where we grow all the varieties we have on offer to be able to provide the best possible advice to customers.

We became increasing frustrated with the limited selections, poor quality of service and restrictively high prices offered by large commercial seed sellers and were determined to do better. Having started sourcing seeds for ourselves, this quickly grew to fellow smallholders, friends and their friends, Thus in Jan 2007 Premier Seeds was launched starting in a small garden office growing quickly to a dedicated 2500 sq ft office and storage facility employing 12 staff.

A large number of commercial growers / suppliers have been very supportive and helped us develop a fantastic network of professional growers, for which we are very grateful and continue to work closely with.

We would also like to thank DEFRA (now APHA) and their inspectors who have provided much advice, support and ensured our structure; records, quality control, testing and procedures are of the highest seed industry standards.

We are DEFRA (APHA) registered and inspected annually.

We are VAT registered and the appropriate VAT rate is included within all prices shown and clearly marked on every invoice.

All seeds sold are for amateur garden use only.  This is not commercial grade seed for field  / glasshouse commercial crops.  Buyers should contact us first if in doubt.

Organic Seeds

We are licensed and inspected annual by the “Soil association” to ensure all our certified Organic seeds fully comply with the strict EU BIO regulations and all our growers have been fully inspected and approved by National organic licensing authorities.

A copy of our Organic licence certificate and trading schedule can be downloaded from our site.


Mission Statement

 We settled on “Grow the best” as this captures what we are aim to achieve from seed quality to customer service.

 We are delighted to answer any questions on varieties and provide advise to growers regardless of experience.

 We are always looking to improve and welcome any feedback, good or bad, how we can improve and show the big commercial companies what gardeners really expect.



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