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Bridge Nursery has now been established for twenty years. We bought this flat, open field with great optimism. It has been challenging but the site has much more shelter now from the trees we planted in the early years. (We used to say it was www. which stood for wet, windy Warwickshire). The ground is gradually becoming more workable after plenty of compost has been added. We offer a range of plants which are mostly ‘bomb proof’ and many can be seen growing in the garden which is alternately waterlogged or extremely dry with deep cracks in the summer. Some of the plants we sell are a bit more unusual and may not be available in some of the other outlets.

All the plants are grown on site (this is a proper nursery) and is mainly done from cuttings and divisions with a few seed grown plants too. We use a mixture of peat based and peat-free composts mainly because not all plants thrive in the peat-free.

There is a down side and that is that we are twenty years older (obviously), and have reached an age when many of our contemporaries have retired. It gets harder to do the same amount of work as we could a while ago.

We are open from 1st March to end October. Open on Thursdays, Friday’s, Saturday’s and Sunday’s plus Bank Holiday Monday’s from 10am-4pm.

As spring is fast upon us we are frantically beavering away propagating new plants and our stock will be increasing daily.



 Gardening Advice

Do you want to plant up an area of your garden but not quite sure what to buy? Do you have a problem corner? Not sure when it will flower – or for how long?

Christine Dakin at Bridge Nursery has over twenty five years gardening and growing experience.

She can help!

Just bring some photos and measurements of the area with you to the nursery and have a half hour consultation one to one for £20.

This cost is then offset against plants bought at the Nursery so, really, it’s free!!

So ring 01926 812737 (10am to 4pm any day) to make an appointment. Or just hit the ‘Contact us’ button at the top of the page to email her.

What could be simpler?


 Nursery Garden

The garden and stock beds are open all year round and we like to encourage our visitors and customers to see how the plants we grow for sale look when established in a garden.

The soil is heavy Lias clay and the site is low lying, exposed and often waterlogged in winter. In spite of these hostile conditions, there is a wide range of of plants which are thriving.

We have a motto…

“If it will grow here, it will grow anywhere”

The garden continues to change, plants are added, others removed, it is always evolving and is never the same from year to year.

Features of the garden include numerous herbaceous borders, a bamboo grove, willow dome (great for kids of all ages!) and a large natural pond stocked with fish.


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