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Ball Colegrave – Distribution

Milton Road, West Adderbury, Banbury , Oxfordshire OX17 3EY 

Phone: 44-12-95-810632
Fax: 44-12-95-812135


Bordon Hill Nurseries – Production
Bordon Hill
Warwickshire CV37 9RY

Phone: 17-89-292792
Fax: 17-89-298894

KinderGarden Plants – Distribution
Wragg Marsh
Lincolnshire PE12 6HH

Phone: 44-014-06-370239
Fax: 44-014-06-371717


Probably the leaders in Young Plant suppiers to Growers, Retailers, Landscapers and Gardeners

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Ball Colegrave is a wholesale distributor of seed and plants to commercial growers and local authorities

Ball Colegrave (formerly Colegrave Seeds) was founded in 1962 by the late David Colegrave and his wife Nancy.

The company soon became a shining example of a supreme family owned horticultural business that grew from a humble garage operation in village of West Adderbury selling packets of flower seeds to growers, to becoming the UK’s largest supplier of flower seed and plants to commercial growers and local authorities.

On June 6th 2001, Ball Horticultural Company, a third generation family company owned by Anna Ball, joined forces with The David Colegrave Group to deliver an even greater level of service and products to growers, retailers and local authorities in the UK.

 As a result of the merger, Ball Colegrave is supported by a strong team of breeders across the world producing the most commercially viable and innovative plants the industry has ever seen.

Ball Colegrave has a fast, fluid and flexible approach to the changing UKmarket place with new innovative varieties, retail ideas and quality service. The company is always at the cutting edge of the industry; from the introduction of the F1 hybrid bedding plant to the UK, paving the way with the first commercial plug plants and seedlings, to innovative retail ideas driving margins back into its customers business’.

“Unlike other international companies, we are able to develop our own local strategies utilising our worldwide knowledge base. Ball Colegrave is passionate about and dedicated to the ornamental bedding industry. Quality and service drive our company since we know just how important that is to all our customers, no matter how big or small their business are.” says Sandy Shepherd, MD Ball Colegrave.

Ball Colegrave currently offer a comprehensive assortment of Annuals, Biennials and Perennials from seed, seed raised plants & cuttings. The company has presents many innovative, award-winning and highly recognised products to the horticultural industry, including Dragon Wing™ Begonia, Kong™ Coleus, Wave® Petunia, Sorbet™ Viola, Matrix™ Pansy, Fiesta™ Double Impatiens, Fantastic Foliage™, Fantastic Flowers, Aztec™ Verbena, Lasting Beauty™ Perennials and more recently Darwin® Perennials to name but just a few.Ball Colegrave is a wholesale distributor of seed and plants to commercial growers and local authorities

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