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  • Ornamental Plants
  • A Ornamental Plants (Various)
  • Agapantus
  • Grasses
  • Herbaceous Perennials


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Coastal Plant Nursery

 Our small family run nursery specialises in growing plants that thrive on the coast. It is tucked away behind the sand dunes of the Braunton Burrows biosphere reserve. The 3.5 acre plot was once part of the Braunton Bulb Farm (1923 -1969). The farm employed up to 300 people at peak season growing and picking cut flowers including Narcissus, Tulips and Iris, supplying major markets such as Covent Garden. The hedges here still come to life with yellow Narcissus in spring.

 We are growing here now for the same reasons they did then. The lovely warm sandy soil and maritime microclimate help us grow the plants we love, both native and from around the globe.

 Our range of plants includes Agapanthus and other perennials, ornamental grasses, tender perennials and succulents.




We grow a great range of plants for pollinators and have established a wildflower meadow around the nursery. We use a sustainably produced peat reduced compost and source from local businesses whenever we can.


Pot Recycling Scheme

 For the last few seasons customers have been returning our pots after planting which we wash and reuse the following season (Our own pots only please). Customers are also welcome to take their plants bare root and leave the pots with us.


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