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Created with wisdom, using the knowledge and expertise of botanist Dr Paul Richards, who has been growing organic herbs, in Herefordshire, for over 25 years.

Paul has selected key organic herbs for each skincare product that are deeply moisturising and provide sustained nourishment and protection of the skin tissue. Herbfarmacy organic skincare products are ideal for sensitive skin conditions.

They are Soil Association Certified, which means that all ingredients, when available, are organic, and all other ingredients are stringently researched. All of the organic skincare product range, which are UK grown and produced, are hand made in small batches on site at their herb farm – the only UK Company to do so.
Herbfarmacy buy ethically traded ingredients wherever possible.

Not tested on animals – humans only!


Why Organic Skincare?

The skin is the body’s largest organ with a surface area of 1.5-2m2 in the average adult. It readily absorbs most things applied to its surface, including chemicals used in skincare products – such as parabens and SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate).

Organic skincare – ie. products carrying a verifiable organic standard such as the Soil Association symbol – contain no harsh chemicals. Soil Association certification goes beyond simple label claims to guarantee that all ingredients, where available, are organic and fully traceable and that all other ingredients are stringently researched and free from genetic modification (GM-free).

Emulsifiers, where needed, are plant-based and any preservatives are gentle and are made up of naturally occurring substances.

Three types of skincare product are included in the Herbfarmacy range – oils, balms and creams/lotions. Our oils are vegetable based blends and some contain infused herbal extracts. Balms are oils that are set into solid preparations with waxes – commonly beeswax. They contain no water and are preservative free.

Creams contain both oil and water phases that are emulsified together with plant-based emulsifiers. In our products, both these phases contain infused herbal extracts. Because creams contain a water phase, a gentle preservative system is needed to prevent microbial growth in the products.

The Use of Herbs in Skincare

Herbs have a long history of use on the skin, and many healing herbs that are used therapeutically can be used in a conditioning role to improve skin health, especially in the case of sensitive skin which so many seem to suffer from in the modern world.

So what are the main herbal properties that we can harness in everyday skincare?

Many herbs have emollient properties – that is they soften and soothe the skin. This property is mainly from their content of mucilages that give a silky feel on the skin, and attract and retain moisture – so they have a strong moisturising effect. Marshmallow is one such herb – and a herbfarmacy favourite. The roots are rich in delicate mucilages that are particularly good on sensitive areas like the face. Marshmallow is the cornerstone herb in our range of face creams.

Herbs such as Comfrey are very rich in a variety of mucilages that lend themselves to areas needing more intensive emollient and moisturising effects such as working hands and overused feet. In addition, Comfrey contains allantoin which stimulates cell growth and improves skin elasticity: very useful for cracked hands and dry cracked heels, hence its use in our hand creams and foot cream.

A second element that is crucial in skin care for sensitive skin is provided by herbs with anti-inflammatory properties. The bright orange flowers of Calendula marigolds are a key such herb for us, and it is also a renowned healing herb that aids skin repair. Other useful anti-inflammatories are Chamomile which is very useful in baby products, and Cornflower which has mild anti-inflammatory properties and is a good substitute for Eyebright in eye creams.

In certain skincare situations, astringent properties are needed, and here Echinacea provides mild astringency that can be used in creams to tighten skin with open pores, and also in toners to use following facial cleansing.

When dealing with skin conditions like eczema, a combination of emollient, anti-inflammatory and cell renewal properties are valuable, as well as something to soothe itchiness which often occurs. Chickweed (sometimes known as Starweed) is a key herb in this area. All these are provided in Skin Rescue Balm, a mixture of 4 herbs in a pure balm base.

Mother and Baby Skincare

Several top Herbfarmacy products lend themselves to the nurturing and healing that comes hand in hand with the time following a baby’s arrival into the world.

Arnica Balm, with comfrey and calendula, soothes bruising where skin in unbroken.

Calendula & Hypericum Balm is the classic combination for skin soreness and blemishes.

Luxury Foot Cream, with comfrey (great cell renewing herb) and hypericum (gentle analgesic herb helping to banish the aches and pains of the day). Also a nice way for a partner to connect with and pamper mum.

Meadowsweet Muscle Balm, a gently warming and soothing rub to relieve aching muscles and joints, with comfrey, hypericum and meadowsweet oils and essential oils of eucalyptus, pepper and ginger.

Nourishing Body Oil, great for relieving tired skin and providing uplift. Contains marshmallow and calendula infused oils, evening primrose, apricot, hempseed and vitamin E oils; and ylang ylang, sweet orange and lavender. This is also an excellent massage oil, absorbing well into the skin leaving it smooth softened and enriched, so again – a good one to pamper mum.

Working Hands Cream, a protective and deeply restorative cream to help care for the hands before and after work. Contains comfrey to repair, calendula to soothe and marshmallow to soften. With nappy changing and laundry you will find that you wash your hands more than during any other period in your life…so time for some tlc for those mittens.

Skin Rescue Balm, a luxurious herbal blend which melts into the skin leaving it feeling silky, soothed and nourished. Can be used to moisturise, soothe and protect dry and cracked areas (making it a perfect nappy barrier cream) as well as to nourish and moisturise skin areas in need of a boost (has proved beneficial for eczema). Contains marshmallow, calendula, chickweed and comfrey as well as roman chamomile, lavender and helychrysum in shea butter, beeswax and Jojoba oil.

Lip Conditioner, contains our signature herb, marshmallow, and specially infused vanilla oil – a very effective lip softener and conditioner which helps you feel calm and in control.

Nappy Balm, A nurturing balm for the nappy area with soothing Marshmallow, anti-inflammatory Chamomile, and Chickweed to help with any itchiness. A trio of herbs from our farm to keep baby calm and happy.

Pilewort Balm, contains pilewort, comfrey, calendula and lavender oil. The unmentionable aftereffect of birthing (piles) can be quickly soothed using this healing herbal combination.

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