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Organic Blooms

The Former Allotment, Latteridge Hill




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Organic Blooms is a Social Enterprise based in South Gloucestershire. We grow the most beautiful seasonal cut flowers and herbs sustainably and without the use of artificial chemicals.

As you may imagine, growing cut flowers can be immensely therapeutic. As well as caring for plants at Organic Blooms, we are able to use all the benefits of working with nature to benefit people with disabilities and support needs. We have adapted our working nursery and employ specialist staff to support people to gain valuable skills and the confidence to get into work.


Our Story…

Organic Blooms has evolved from eighteen years of running Horticulture Projects using plants as a therapeutic medium for people with learning difficulties and mental health support needs. It feels like the ‘coming of age’ for our organisation, where we have finally entered the real world!  For years, Natureworks has run projects hidden away, doing some great horticulture with some very grateful people, but nobody knew about it…and it didn’t really help people who were isolated or depressed to break out of the ‘bubble’ that their illness or disability had created around them.

In 2006, at a friend’s wedding I realised that we could have grown all of the flowers in the bouquets and arrangements at our project (English cut flowers were just beginning to make their come back) – and this was how Natureworks suddenly found a way of entering the real world, and making a much bigger impact on people’s lives – Organic Blooms was born.

Growing and selling cut flowers is the focus around which everyone who attends Organic Blooms finds their own unique opportunity to learn, to heal, to develop, to make friends, and to eventually find work and move on…

Our journey from a few beds of flowers and a few bouquets for friends in 2006, to a four acre site and national online flower sales in 2012, has been rich and varied, and is full of promise for the next six years.  As the flowers bring in more income, we are able to create more job opportunities for our service users who may not be ready to work in a less supportive environment.

Organic Blooms is more than the sum of its parts. It is about growth, about putting down roots in our local community. We are growing lives, as well as flowers, a perfect combination, and we’re sure – just as Nature intended


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