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Rapeseed Oil

I have spent many happy hours nurturing my rapeseed through its lifecycle from seed to bottle. The seeds are planted in August and green shoots appear soon after, but the beautiful yellow flowers bloom during May, the seeds then mature before we harvest in July. After that we store the little round seed pearls before releasing their golden treasure by cold pressing it and bottling it for you.

My oil is fantastic because:

It is a healthier option with half the saturated fats of olive oil, with 10 x and 3 x the levels of the important fatty acids Omega 3 and 6. Secondly it’s very versatile , holding its integrity at higher temperatures than olive oil so you can successfully use it for everything from dressings to deep frying . Chefs have been quick to latch onto the joys of cooking with my oil because of this and also because it compliments their cooking, not over powering their flavours and adding a richness of colour to the finished dish. Not surprisingly, we are now the favourite rapeseed oil supplier for many people and establishments across the UK.
So it’s a healthier, versatile, food friendly ‘local ‘oil option …and I make it with love. What more could you ask for in an oil?
I am proud to be one of the producers of a top quality British product, a manufacturer of quality cold pressed rapeseed oils that are as good as anything out there, making them available to buy for everyone who appreciates quality products in their kitchen, however talented they are as a chef.
If you are asking ‘Where can I buy?’, ‘Where to buy’ etc, fear not you can order from my website, just go to how to order. Simples!

We also sell other products based on Rapeseed Oil including

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