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  • Confectionery
  • Conserves (Sweet)
  • Fruit Purees
  • Jams
  • Purees
  • Semi-Candied Apple
  • Speciality Fruit Fillings



The largest UK fruit processor and commercial jam manufacturer for bakeries. Fourayes products include: fruit fillings, industrial jams, processed English Bramley apple & mincemeat, all manufactured at our 100 acre Kent orchard.

We have an international reputation for excellent and innovative fruit fillings and jam making and our award-winning, third-generation family run business works closely with our customers through Fourayes Food Development to create a fruit product range including:

• Fruit Fillings
• Processed English Bramley Apple

• Aseptic Fruit Purees
• Apple Purees
• Fruit Purees
• Commercial & Bakery Jams, Conserves, Preserves & Confectioneries
• Semi-Candied Apple
• Purees for Soups
• Glazes
• Mincemeat
• Fruit for Dairy
• Speciality Fruit Fillings


Fruit fillings for commercial bakeries and dessert manufacturers, a wide range of high quality fruit fillings.

Kentish Bramley apple filling
“Apple Plus” fillings such as Apple & Blackberry, Apple & Blackcurrant or Apple & Raspberry
 Single-fruit fillings: rhubarb, gooseberry, cherry, strawberry or raspberry for example
 Mixed fruit fillings including Fruits-of-the-Forest, Summer Fruits and Winter Fruits
Speciality fillings such as Toffee Apple and Banoffee
 Blossom range, including hints of lavender, elderflower, rose, hibiscus, jasmine and violet.
Keen on quality, keen on cost

At Fourayes, we offer a generously wide range of high quality fruit fillings, and our Bramley apple comes with the added advantage of English or Kentish provenance. Since 1953, Fourayes has been a major grower of English Bramley apples and is now the leading apple-based fruit processor in the UK.

At Fourayes we talk about ‘way beyond fruit’ and our fruit fillings are just one example of exactly that. We use the best-possible quality fruit, graded and quality-controlled to deliver exceptional results.

But whilst the quality is high, thanks to lean manufacturing and a high degree of production control, the costs are keen. The Fourayes fruit fillings range is extensive. It includes:

We use top-quality raw materials to prepare all Fourayes fruit fillings. For the smaller user who demands a longer-life filling, or where no additional processing is required (such as for turnovers), choose hot-mix fillings.

Or choose a cold-mix filling for high-volume, high quality products.

Bespoke fillings can be developed to meet the most exacting of dessert, bakery and other end-product manufacturing requirements. In addition, our flexibility makes Fourayes the ideal choice for promotions or where order-changes are likely.

Our Bramley apple comes with Kentish or English provenance.

Fourayes is an Assured Produce grower, is rated BRC Grade A and is certified by the Organic Food Federation. We offer “state of the art”, high tolerance computer enhanced manufacturing and controlled environment storage. Our technical support team has over 70 years experience in ensuring quality.

Hot mixes are supplied in 10 kilo buckets for high levels of quality control. Equally, high quality cold mixes can be supplied in 10kg tubs up to 1 tonne stainless steel tanks. Being located in Kent, means that we are easily able to transport throughout Britain, Europe and Worldwide.

Our fast-turnaround sampling service guarantees samples of 1—2kg, normally within 3 working days.

Any Questions?
If you have any questions, would like to know more or to take advantage of our fast turnaround sampling service please contact us. 


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