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Passionate About Plant-Based




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    Telephone +44 7539 745877


We are open 7 days a week, 8.30am-2.30pm for take-away only


“It was really important the menu be appealing to non-vegans. From my experience, getting my friends & family to eat at a vegan only establishment is a never-ending battle. However, everyone I asked was excited to eat at a Creperie! Opening a vegan cafe limits you to mainly vegans, however, opening a creperie serving a vast array of purposely vegan crepes, bubble waffles & galettes is the perfect way to showcase how easy & delicious veganism really is”

Hannah, Director, Creperie Club

We are open 7 days a week, 8.30am-2.30pm for take-away only, but please do check back & seach our socials for updates, as we will soon extend the opening hours.

Please support local and try our delicious Cupsmith artisan coffee.

Our batter is made fresh daily and every crepe, galette and bubble waffle is made fresh to order.
We are soon to be introducing daily specials, so please swing by,  say ‘Hi’ and see what we have to offer.!

To all of the local community who have supported us already, thank-you so much. Thank-you for waiting patiently to be served, whilst we navigate the logistics of opening a new business! We want to continue to serve the community from our delightful little spot on the corner of St Leonards Road and Grove Road, so all of your feedback is most welcome and valued.

Love from Hannah and my little Creperie Club team  


About us
We are Creperie Club

Breakfast, Lunch or dinner? It’s always time for Creperie Club
Set in the heart of Windsor, our crepes are designed with royalty in our minds & love in our heartsOur quaint creperie & coffee shop, is as whimsicle as the food is divine

Our picture-perfect setting is located on the corner of  St Leonards Road & Grove Road

You cant miss us! Just stop once you see the fabuolous floral archway, set amongst the fairy tale lilac & pastel pink

Signature crepes, coffee, waffles, cakes & more… once you’ve joined our club, you’ll be a welcome member for life


Lots Of Our Ingredients Are Naturally Vegan

Traditional Brittany galettes are made using buckwheat flour. Buckwheat is naturally vegan, dairy & gluten-free. Buckwheat accompanies savoury fillings pefectly

Fruits & Vegetables
Our menu is brimming with delicious sweet fruits and fresh vegetables.  It’s easy to eat your 5-a-day, just order a fresh fruit juice, followed by a vegetable laden galette & a fruit rich crepe for dessert 


Many Foods Are Accidently Vegan

Sweets & Biscuits
Almost all of our biscuits & sweets are are purposely selected becasue they are vegan.

These include

Oreos,            Party Rings
    Lotus Biscoff
    Strawberry Haribo
    Jelly Tots,      Flying Saucers
    Millions,              100s & 1000s
    Purple Violets,          Love Hearts


Almost all of our squeezy syrups are purposely selected because they are vegan.

These include

    Lotus Biscoff
    Strawberry,       Maple syrup
    Agave Nectar

Some Foods Are Purposefully Vegan

Vegan Substitutes

These include

    Vegan crepe mix,                  Vegan waffle mix
    Vegan galette mix                      Vegan ham
    Vegan sausages,                     Vegan cheddar
    Vegan mozzarella
    Vegan squirty cream,              Vegan ice cream
    Vegan perinaise,                       Vegan mayonnaise
    Vegan pesto

But We Aren’t A Vegan Cafe
Meat, Fish & Dairy

We serve

    Sausages,  Ham
    Bacon,             Salmon
    Cheddar,                   Mozzarella
    Goats cheese
    Squirty cream,              Nutella
    Cows milk

Passionate About Plant-Based

Our Menu Is Predominantly Vegan

Passionate about plant-based is at the very heart of Creperie Club. We’d like to bridge the gap between a traditional and a vegan establishment. Our menu offers an abundance of vegan options. Our dessert menu is 90% vegan & 100% vegetarian & our savoury menu is 80% vegan. We believe the future is plant-based, or in the very least, we believe in reducing our animal intake. Eating less animals and animal bi-products reduces your carbon footprint and thus creates for a happier, healthier world and of course happier animals too :)


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