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Mistletoe Trees

A Mistletoe Tree consists of a host tree with mistletoe seeds germinated onto that host tree. These host trees are usually Crab Apple trees since they are beautiful yet hardy trees, that allow mistletoe to grow well. The mistletoe usually takes 4 years to grow to berry producing stage but most trees are sold at the 2 year old stage.

I am growing a variety of host trees in several sizes to suit your garden. Some are 6ft tall and with deep purple fruits, others are 3ft tall and with bright yellow fruits, it is your choice!

These trees are truly unique. Nowhere else will you find mistletoe on a tree that you can plant wherever you desire. Not only this, but you may also pick and manage your mistletoe how you decide, rather than it being inaccessible high up in an existing tree. If you have tried to grow your own mistletoe, or have just bought bunches of mistletoe for Christmas time, a Mistletoe Tree will satisfy both of these needs for years to come.

Mistletoe Trees make superb presents for special occasions and especially for Christmas time. If somebody is hard to buy for, but has a garden of any size, a Mistletoe Tree is a perfect gift!

Buy a Mistletoe Tree today and enjoy a beautiful tree with a supply of Mistletoe, that will complete your Christmas decorations year after year.

1st Year Germination  
What is a Mistletoe Tree?  

My Mistletoe Trees are made from a range of host trees, upon which I have germinated Mistletoe berries. There are a number of trees which are commonly thought to be hosts of Mistletoe; Apple and Pear trees, Willow, Oak, Poplar, Hawthorn and many other species within these families.

I have started with ornamental Crab Apple trees, these trees have provided a good hardy host and also serve as popular trees for gardens across the country. Ornamental Crab Apples have been very successful, however other varieties and variations are being experimented with to give you more flexibility and choice.   

2nd Year Leaf  
What about the Mistletoe?

Each tree will have a certain number of germinated Mistletoe berries on it at the time of sale, usually between 3 and 4. There must be a mix of germinated berries to ensure that there is a male and female plant on each tree. Only female plants produce berries, therefore if a plant turned out to only have a single gender, contact me to come and put more berries on.

The Mistletoe will be small for the first 2 years, in it’s third and fourth years it will grow significantly (as long as the tree is healthy) and will start to produce berries.I am investing in a variety of trees in the next year, allowing more choice for people who would rather have a tree that produces more useful apples rather than ornamental fruits. Equally I will be creating a variety of sizes that will make the trees more easily movable.

Mistletoe is a hemi-parasitic plant that feeds off of the host tree, often spreading over large trees and affecting the trees health. Thus is is essential to manage the Mistletoe when the Mistletoe is growing vigorously and the tree is still relatively young. However the management of the Mistletoe is not chore that has to be done. By picking your Mistletoe every year you will be managing that Mistletoe and keeping both the tree and the Mistletoe healthy!   

3rd Year Expansion  

About me

I am 23 years old and am about to start a PhD in Archaeology and Agriculture at the University of Bristol and the University of Reading. I have experience in Precision Farming, Archaeological Geophysics and Soil science and keep busy on the family farm. I used to sell sprigs of Mistletoe to customers collecting Turkeys from the farm at Christmas time. After years of this, the idea to sell trees with Mistletoe already on was tested and can now be regularly completed – making perfect Christmas gifts. It is currently a small business but has seen growing interest in the last couple of years.

Due to my travelling nature, delivery is possible depending upon your location, regular trips between Bristol and Essex means that anywhere within 50 miles of this journey is possible. Please contact me for more details!

07974 170 857

4th Year Expansion  


Crab Apple – Golden Hornet
Crab Apple – Red Sentinel
Crab Apple – Malus Profusion
Crab Apple – Sylvestris
Crab Apple – Maypole  


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