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Welcome to MH Poskitt Ltd – home of the happy carrot!

MH Poskitt is a family owned farming business based in the East Riding of Yorkshire specializing in the growing of root vegetables for leading supermarkets.

Our point of difference is that we grow, wash, pack and distribute all our products from one site enabling us to control all aspects of production.

Our constant strive for perfection has grown our customer base and has developed and strengthened our position as one of the leading producers in the country 


We produce over 50,000 tonnes of carrots every year from the UK. Our main areas of production are in Norfolk, Suffolk, Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire, Lancashire and Scotland. This geographical spread and integration with joint venture growers enables the farm to produce all year supply for the packhouse. Our early season carrots start in Mid June and our late season carrots start in Scotland in Early May enabling our business to supply year round UK carrots.


Over 9000 tonnes of parsnips are grown every year to supply the increasing demand of the crop. The majority of this crop is destined for the Christmas period. Parsnips enjoy a long growing period and we ensure that they are sown before the end of April so they establish quickly and have a maximum growing period throughout the summer.


Swede production has now increased to over 5000 tonnes per year. The majority of production is from Yorkshire however we do use Swede from Devon and Scotland to maximize season length. All our Swede is covered with Environmesh to protect it from the Cabbage Root Fly. New season starts in early July and runs through to late season Scottish around early May.


Potatoes are grown for many different outlets, however our biggest tonnage is for processing. Dry matter values are extremely important for processing contracts and the Yorkshire sandy loams produce excellent quality. The majority of the early crop 2000 tonnes is sold via wholesale markets and local processors.


We were asked by one of our customers to see if we could grow pumpkins, we had never grown them before,  as we like a challenge  we thought we would try it. We allocated a 10 acre site with a view to growing around 50,000 pumpkins. What we didn’t know when we agreed at the time that it was going to be a very difficult growing year for most crops including pumpkins. We planted them around end May/June to avoid the frosts and waited………………
We were really pleased with the quality however,  some were a bit small but we managed to sell most of them including some on the local car boot!!


This is by far the biggest acreage we farm, with some 3250 acres down to Winter Wheat, Winter Barley, Beans, Oil Seed Rape and Sugar Beet. To enable carrots to have a one-year-in-seven rotation, it is essential that break crops are used and a robust rotation is adopted to ensure that quality remains throughout our root growing business

On the farm we participate in the countryside stewardship scheme and we also have a environmental sensitive area – Beals Carr. After mining subsidence in 1999 the area is now a haven for all types of wildlife and bird monitoring schemes and in particular we have high numbers of Skylark and Lapwing nesting birds. The surrounding grassland is grazed with cattle to maintain suitable conditions for ground nesting wading birds. Overwinter stubbles in the surrounding areas also provide a habitat for the grey partridge, which is also in abundance on the farm.

Wind Energy – One of our joint venture growers in Scotland has recently installed a 2.3MW turbine on his farm to generate his own electricity for his farm. There investment into renewable energy demonstrates total commitment to producing crops with a minimal carbon foot print.

Poskitts also supplies ReynoldsSuppliers of fruit, vegetables & produce




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