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We grow, breed and sell all hellebore species plus a very wide range of hellebore hybrids in all forms including double, semi-double (anemone centred)  and single.

We specialise in double and semi double forms of hellebores and sell many different ones



We are a family run nursery, open to the public, specialising in Hellebores, Trilliums and rare/unusual perennials. We are also developing mail order for our plants and seeds.


I have had a passion for hellebores for over 30 years since discovering them in the gloomy depths of winter illuminating an otherwise drab winter garden in a large stately home. From there I investigated the work of Elizabeth Strangman, Helen Ballard and Will McLewin in studying the wild species and developing further the range of garden hybrids first developed by the early Victorians in Germany and the UK.


Once I saw the dainty forms and stunning foliage of the species I was hooked and have spent considerable time and money travelling Europe to see them in their native habitats. This lead to collecting seed and growing the plants in the UK which in turn led to the building of a collection of all known species and several as yet un-named plants which were accepted by Plant Heritage (formerly The National Council for the Protection of Plants and Gardens) for full collection status and we now house a national collection for helleborus species.


The work of Helen Ballard in her development of clear crisp simple colours and elegant uncluttered forms combined with the massive extension of colours and the introduction of double forms by Elizabeth Strangman inspired the artist in me. I wanted to develop new colours and refine the double forms. As a scientist an understanding of genetics helped fine tune the breeding lines and eventually the Hazles Cross Hybrids were born.


The National Collection of Hellebores

The collection comprises all known species with many “forms” of each being on display to show the amazing and beautiful natural variation found in the wild. There is huge variation in flower and foliage which contributes to the natural charm of the genus Helleborus.The collection also contains several putative new species not seen elsewhere. .

  The collection has been featured in Staffordshire Life and Derbyshire life magazines.

 In addition there are several hundred different garden hybrids bred by Mike Byford on display.


 The collection is mainly housed in a large polytunnel grown in large pots. This means that even in inclement weather viewing is pleasant. The plants are on staging so as to make viewing of the flowers easy.

 There are posters describing the biology of hellebores, their habitats, geology, climate , forms and distribution.

 There are some external beds and more are constantly under construction as the collection grows.



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