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At Wild & Wondrous we committed to nature, the environment and sustainability.
The majority of flowers sold in the U.K are imported, mostly air-freighted and refrigerated in articulated lorries and subsequently create an unacceptable carbon footprint.

As florists and retailers it is our job to offer the consumer a product that is grown and produced in a more ethical and sustainable way.

The British Isles have some of the most amazing gardens in the world. By using British grown flowers for your weddings, funerals and gifts you are not just making an ethical decision but you will also help to prolong a heritage of horticulture in Britain.

Supporting UK growers can really help to build up the industry in this country at this time when farmers need it most.

However, we understand there are times when specialist flowers are called for and do need to be imported. In these circumstances, we use only ethical sources. As you can understand at certain times of the year the availability of UK grown flowers is limited, at these times we endeavour to use only imported flowers that are ethically sourced.

We buy flowers with certification labels such as Florverde, who are an organisation developing, promoting and implementing responsible codes of conduct, standards, and sustainable agricultural practices in Columbia.  


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